Light & Kingdom
(Royal & Piper, Book 2)

Over a year after the Piper of HameLonn disappeared, his secret is found out.

In the capital of AhrenCairn, Evalena finally feels a powerful pull of LightForce and sets out after her niece, intending to take the conduit by any means necessary. But as palace guards suddenly start appearing in the Southlands, a suspicious Cal flees.

Quirin can’t believe he pledged to bring the usurped queen to the very court that sent him away. Even more, he can’t guarantee he isn’t leading her into more danger than they’re running from. But Cal doesn’t know who to trust, and she just might be the leverage Quirin needs to return to his king's service.

With Evalena’s men at their backs and a deadly mountain pass looming ahead, Quirin must safely guide Cal to her one chance at winning back her throne.

If they can survive the journey there first.

The next installment in a trilogy based on the legend of the Pied Piper.

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