Episode 36: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

By November 17, 2020 April 23rd, 2021 No Comments

Overall, we’re big fans of the Dear America/Canada series published through Scholastic, not only because it’s great middle grade fiction, but also because of the times and places in history they open up for young readers. As most of these books revolve around pioneers and settlers, they usually contain death, sickness, and even violence, but they also teach about brave individuals who took risks, built communities, and found strength and resilience during challenging times. As an added bonus, this particular diary teaches a bit about cod fishing! So much to learn!

Pearl Clutcher Ratings:
Winter of Peril: The Newfoundland Diary of Sophie Loveridge
(Dear Canada Series) by Jan Andrews
Romance: 0.5
Language: 0
Violence: 2

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