Episode Index

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Series) “Episode 8: A Series of Unfortunate Episodes”
Arc of a Scythe (Series) “Episode 2: The Scythe Harvest”
Artemis Fowl (Film) “SPECIAL! Episode 1: Artemis Gone Fowl”
Becky Spratford “BONUS! Episode 13.5: Be Advised! with Becky Spratford”
Come From Away (Musical) “Episode 17: Come From Away With Us!”
Girl on the Brink “BONUS! Episode 6.5: Girl on the Brink with Christina Hoag”
Harry Potter (Series) “Episode 1: Let’s Start From the Very Beginning”
Hope and Other Punch Lines “Episode 10: Hoping for Other Punchlines”
Illuminae Files (Series) “Episode 3: Illuminae Files Declassified”
Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh “BONUS! Episode 8.5: Writing Kidlit with Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh”
Jonathan Janz “BONUS! Epsiode 15.5: The Horror! The Horror…Story! with Jonathan Janz”
Kelly Powers “BONUS! Episode 10.5: The Importance of Being a Librarian with Kelly Powers”
Knight’s Castle “Episode 14: Eager for Knight’s Castle
Les Miserables (Musical) “Episode 13: Les Miserables Storytelling”
Lynne Gassel “BONUS! Episode 9.5: Fifth Child & I Fell Into A Volcano with Lynne Gassel”
Michael Levin “BONUS! Episode 14.5: ‘Ghost Stories’ with Michael Levin”
Miryam Fey “BONUS! Episode 11.5: First Line Of Defense with Miryam Fey”
Red Rising (Series) “Episode 6: Regarding Red Rising…”
Robert Caro “BONUS! Episode 7.5: The Path to Robert Caro with Justin Heyman”
Sanctuary “Episode 16: Sanctuary’s Cagey Kiss”
Serpent & Dove “Episode 7: Serpent & Dove-Tail”
Shrek (Musical) “Episode 15: Let Your Shrek Flag Fly”
Silhouettes “BONUS! Episode 2.5” Behind the Scenes of Silhouettes
Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom (Duology) “Episode 18”
Sonali Dev “BONUS! Episode 16.5: The Arc-hitecture of Romance with Sonali Dev”
Spy School (Series) “Episode 5: Secrets of Spy School
Strange the Dreamer & Muse of Nightmares (Duology) “Episode 12: Muses of Strange Dreamers”
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Musical & Animation) “Episode 9: ExTolling The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
The Phantom of the Opera (Musical) “Episode 11: Locking Up The Phantom of the Opera”
Waitress (Musical) “Episode 4: Serving Up Waitress