Episode Index

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(Also, Episodes in Order)

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Series) “Episode 8: A Series of Unfortunate Episodes”
Alec Shane (Literary Agent) “BONUS! Episode 52.5: For Love of the Pitch with Alec Shane”
All the Bright Places (Book & Film) “Episode 29: Beyond the Bright Places”
Ann Rinaldi “Episode 79: Historical Ficti-Ann”
Anne with an E (Netflix Series) “Episode 28: Anne of New Fables”
Arc of a Scythe (Series) “Episode 2: The Scythe Harvest”
Artemis Fowl (Film) “SPECIAL! Episode 1: Artemis Gone Fowl”
Ashley Schumacher (Author) “BONUS! Episode 39.5: Bending Toward Hope with Ashley Schumacher”
Atypical (Netflix Series) “Episode 80: Aye, Typical”
Beautiful to Me (End of Ever After Series) “Episode 63.5: Behind the Scenes of Beautiful to Me
Beauty & The Beast (Animation & Musical & Live Action) “Episode 40: Remakes Old as Time”
Becky Spratford (Book Reviewer/Librarian Trainer) “BONUS! Episode 13.5: Be Advised! with Becky Spratford”
Before I Fall “Episode 38: Before I Fall…Again”
Blood Heir “Episode 81: Canceled Pryntsessa”
Bracha Goetz (Author) “BONUS! Episode 56.5: Getting to the Core with Bracha Goetz”
Candace Robinson (Author) “BONUS! Episode 71.5: A Touch of Fae with Candace Robinson”
Caroline Akervik (Author/Librarian Coordinator) “BONUS! Episode 45.5: A Writer By Any Other Genre…with Caroline Akervik”
Carousel (Musical) “Episode 20: A Not So Merry-Go-Round”
Carlene Griffith (Author) “BONUS! Episode 68.5: Finding the Write Path with Carlene Griffith”
Cassie Gustafson (Author) “BONUS! Episode 35.5: Braving the Ink with Cassie Gustafson”
Character Pearls (Book, Film, Musical) “Episode 77: Pearl Clutching Pearl Characters”
Chemical Hearts “Episode 35: Chemically Imbalanced Hearts”
Cherish Vuyovich (Audiobook Reader) “BONUS! Episode 62.5: Voice of the Sea with Cherish Vuyovich”
Chris Cannon (Author) “BONUS! Episode 77.5: Paranormal Shift with Chris Cannon”
Christina Hoag (Author) “BONUS! Episode 6.5: Girl on the Brink with Christina Hoag”
Chuck Grieb (Illustrator/Storyboard Artist) “BONUS! Episode 75.5: Getting Animated with Chuck Grieb”
Chuck Wagner (Voice/Actor) “BONUS! Episode 47.5: Voicing the Beast with Chuck Wagner”
Cinderella (Live Action Film) “Episode 73: Not Another Cinderella Story!”
Cobra Kai “Episode 66: Karate Kids’ Kids”
Coco “Episode 53: El Guitar Hero”
Come From Away (Musical) “Episode 17: Come From Away With Us!”
Community (TV Series) “Episode 84: Community Collage”
Dash & Lily (Netflix Adaptation) “Episode 91: The (Dare) Notebook”
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Trilogy) “Episode 69: Angels & Demons”
David Boito (Author) “Episode 92.5: with David Boito”
Dumplin’ (Film Adaptation) “Episode 52: Diggin’ into Dumplin'”
Ender’s Game “Episode 58: Oh, Bugger!”
End of Ever After (End of Ever After Series) “BONUS! Episode 91.5: Behind the Scenes of End of Ever After
Erin Rivera (Bookstore Owner) “BONUS! Episode 60.5: A Frigate Load of Books with Erin Rivera”
Ernesto Cisneros (Author) “BONUS! Episode 20.5: The Large Impact of a Small Story”
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library “Episode 48: Checking Out Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”
Fablehaven “Episode 65: Got Milk?”
Framed! Crime Fighting Series “Episode 21: The TOAST Master!”
Gina Damico (Author) “BONUS! Episode 87.5: with Gina Damico”
Gretchen McNeil (Author) “BONUS! Episode 53.5: #AuthorTrending with Gretchen McNeil”
Grease (Movie/Musical) “Episode 87: Wadda Yippidy Boom da Boom!”
Haley Catherine (Voice/Actor) “BONUS! Episode 58.5: Voice of Gold with Haley Catherine”
Hanna C. Howard (Author) “BONUS! Episode 31.5: Set the Sun on Fire with Hanna C. Howard”
Harry Potter (Series) “Episode 1: Let’s Start From the Very Beginning”
Heather Buchta (Author) “BONUS! Episode 19.5: Beyond the (Big) Break with Heather Buchta”
Hillbilly Elegy (Book & Film) “Episode 42: Over the Hillbilly?”
Hiya, Pops (Short Story) “BONUS! Episode 57.5: ‘Hiya, Pops’ read by Chanchy Tenenbaum”
Hope and Other Punch Lines “Episode 10: Hoping for Other Punchlines”
Human Again (End of Ever After Series) “BONUS! 48.5: Behind the Scenes of Human Again
Heart of a Hunter (End of Ever After Series) “BONUS! Episode 74.5: Behind the Scenes of Heart of a Hunter
Illuminae Files (Series) “Episode 3: Illuminae Files Declassified”
Iron Widow “Episode 92”
Island (Series) “Episode 19: Thrice on this Island”
Isle of Blood & Stone “Episode 70: Navigators of the Lost Map”
Ivy Verdin (Author) “BONUS! Episode 83.5: Jungle Book with Ivy Verdin”
Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh (Author) “BONUS! Episode 8.5: Writing Kidlit with Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh”
Jennifer Mattson (Agent) “BONUS! Episode 82.5: Soul’d with Jennifer Mattson”
Jenny Hickman (Author) “BONUS! Episode 55.5: The E.P.I.S.O.D.E. with Jenny Hickman”
Jessica Freeburg (Author) “BONUS! Episode 38.5: Seeing Ghosts with Jessica Freeburg”
Jonathan Janz (Author) “BONUS! Epsiode 15.5: The Horror! The Horror…Story! with Jonathan Janz”
Jonathan Maberry (Author) “BONUS! Episode 86.5: with Jonathan Maberry”
Justin Heyman (Reader) “BONUS! Episode 7.5: The Path to Robert Caro with Justin Heyman”
Kelly Powers (Librarian) “BONUS! Episode 10.5: The Importance of Being a Librarian with Kelly Powers”
Knight’s Castle “Episode 14: Eager for Knight’s Castle
Krista Vitola (Senior Editor) “BONUS! Episode 81.5: On a Journey with Krista Vitola”
La La Land “Episode 32: LalalalaLand”
Leah Stuhler (Author/Podcaster) “BONUS! Episode 79.5: Chats of the Trade with Leah Stuhler”
Leigh Rubin (Cartoonist) “BONUS! Episode 88.5: The Wild Life with Leigh Rubin”
Leo Nickolls (Cover Design Artist) “BONUS! Episode 72.5: Cover Love with Leo Nickolls”
Les Miserables (Musical) “Episode 13: Les Miserables Storytelling”
Lies of Golden Straw (End of Ever After Series) “Episode 59.5: Behind the Scenes of Lies of Golden Straw
Lisa Rowe Fraustino (Author/Editor/Scholar) “BONUS! Episode 50.5: Kidlit Academics with Lisa Rowe Fraustino”
Luca “Episode 71: Living the Vida Vespa”
Lynne Gassel (Author) “BONUS! Episode 9.5: Fifth Child & I Fell Into A Volcano with Lynne Gassel”
Lynne Kelly (Author) “BONUS! Episode 66.5: Song of a Writer with Lynne Kelly”
Malamander “Episode 63: An Eerie Review”
Mamma Mia! (Film & Musical) “Episode 26: Are You My Father?”
Mark Adam (Book Manager) “BONUS! Episode 85.5: with Mark Adam”
Mark Rosendorf (Author) “BONUS! Episode 78.5: ‘Feel the Magic in the Air’ with Mark Rosendorf”
Marlene Perez (Author) “BONUS! Episode 21.5: What We Write in the Shadows with Marlene Perez”
Matched “Episode 56: Game. Set. Matched.”
Matt Nagin (Poet/Comedian/Director) “BONUS! Episode 62.5: Going with the Flow with Matt Nagin”
Matt (Podcaster) “BONUS! Episode 49.5: Reading the Stacks with Matt, There Will Be Books”
Meeg Pincus (Author/Editor) “BONUS! Episode 80.5: Following the Thread with Meeg Pincus”
Mercy “Episode 59: Have Mercy!”
Michael Levin (Author) “BONUS! Episode 14.5: ‘Ghost Stories’ with Michael Levin”
Michael Stiles (Artist/Illustrator) “BONUS! Episode 65.5: The LetterMan with Michael Stiles”
Michaela Whatnall (Literary Agent) “BONUS! Episode 54.5: Where I Want To Be with Michaela Whatnall”
Miriam Wade (Author) “BONUS! Episode 29.5: And, There Were Dinosaurs with Miriam Wade”
Miryam Fay (Editor) “BONUS! Episode 11.5: First Line Of Defense with Miryam Fey”
Mismatched (TV Adaptation) “Episode 85: Appmaker, Appmaker, Make Me a Match”
Molly Lazer (Author) “BONUS! Episode 46.5: Superheroes & Fairy Tales with Molly Lazer”
Moneyball (Book/Film Adaptation) “Episode 86: Billy Beane’s Budget Brainstorm”
Moulin Rouge (Film & Musical) “Episode 37: Boarding Up the Moulin Rouge”
My Heart and Other Black HolesEpisode 44: Teen Years and Other Black Holes
My Lady Jane “Episode 25: Long Live My Lady Jane!”
Naomi Grossman (English Teacher) “BONUS! Episode 18.5: English is Lit! with Naomi Grossman”
Natalie Lund (Author) “BONUS! Episode 70.5: with Natalie Lund”
Nathan Weiland (Voice/Actor) “BONUS! Episode 73.5: Voice of a Hunter with Nathan Weiland”
Nichole James (Audiobook Reader) “BONUS! Episode 90.5: Voice of Ever After with Nichole James”
Nicole Kilpatrick (Author) “BONUS! Episode 36.5: Feeling Lucky! with Nicole Kilpatrick”
No Safe Harbour (Dear Canada Series) “Episode 49: Harrowing Harbor”
Not Even Bones “Episode 50: Cuts and Gory”
Panic (Amazon Series) “Episode 72: Not Your Manic Panic Fly Girl”
Rebecca Klempner (Writer/Editor) “BONUS! Episode 44.5: Editing State of Mind with Rebecca Klempner”
Red Rising (Series) “Episode 6: Regarding Red Rising…”
Rebekah Lowell (Author/Illustrator/Librarian) “BONUS! Episode 30.5: “‘You Will Be Found’ with Rebekah Lowell”
Riverdale “Episode 46: Archie #XXX: So Many Issues”
Rot & Ruin “Episode 33: Uncovering Rot & Ruin”
Russ Thompson (Author) “BONUS! Episode 43.5: Highly Interested with Russ Thompson”
Sanctuary “Episode 16: Sanctuary’s Cagey Kiss”
Sara Schonfeld (Associate Editor) “BONUS! Episode 51.5: Digging In with Sara Schonfeld”
Serpent & Dove “Episode 7: Serpent & Dove-Tail”
Scott Sussman (Author) “BONUS! Episode 17.5: Octo-Parts of KidLit with Scott Sussman”
Shadow & Bone (Netflix Series) “Episode 62: Grisha Live”
Shane (Book & Film) “Episode 45: High Noon Shane”
Shiho Pate (Illustrator/Game Artist) “BONUS! Episode 69.5: Talking through Pictures with Shiho Pate”
Shrek (Musical) “Episode 15: Let Your Shrek Flag Fly”
Shtisel “Episode 64: Keeping Up with the Shtisels”
Silhouettes “BONUS! Episode 2.5: Behind the Scenes of Silhouettes
Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom (Duology) “Episode 18: Six Crooked Crows”
SJ Kincaid (Author) “BONUS! Episode 28.5: I, Nemesis with SJ Kincaid”
Something Rotten (Musical) “Episode 22: It’s A Musical”
Sonali Dev (Author) “BONUS! Episode 16.5: The Arc-hitecture of Romance with Sonali Dev”
Soul “Episode 47: 22andMe”
Spy School (Series) “Episode 5: Secrets of Spy School
Stacia Deutsch (Author) “BONUS! Episode 25.5: Licensed to Write with Stacia Deutsch”
Steelheart (The Reckoners Series) “Episode 31: Epic Reckoning”
Stephen Sondheim “Episode 90: The Lyricist of Broadway Street”
Strange the Dreamer & Muse of Nightmares (Duology) “Episode 12: Muses of Strange Dreamers”
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes “Episode 76: Snowrigin Story”
The Count of Monte Cristo “Episode 74: The Earl of Monte Cristo”
The Day the Crayons Quit “Episode 60: Clever Crayon Caper”
The DUFF (Film Adaptation) “Episode 83: What the DUFF?!”
The Greatest Showman (Musical) “Episode 23: All Show, No Tell”
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society “Episode 82: Peel Good Love Story”
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Musical & Animation) “Episode 9: ExTolling The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
The Last Apprentice/Seventh Son “Episode 57: The Last Apprentice, Probably”
The Last Five Years (Musical & Film) “Episode 51: He Says, She Says”
The Last Magician “Episode 30: The Almost Last Magician”
The Music Man (Original Film) “Episode 41: Oh (My Word) Got Trouble!”
The Name of this Book is Secret “Episode 89: Don’t Listen to this Episode!”
The Phantom of the Opera (Musical) “Episode 11: Locking Up The Phantom of the Opera”
The Princess Bride (Book & Film) “Episode 75: Inconceivable!”
The Princess Diaries (Film) “Episode 67: Catch a Falling Princess”
The School for Good & Evil “Episode 34: School’s Out for Good & Evil”
The Witches of Vegas/Journey to New Salem “Episode 78: What Happens in Vegas…”
The Westing Game “Episode 43: The Confusing ‘Game'”
This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity Duology) “Episode 27: This Savage Duet”
Thomas Taylor (Author) “BONUS! Episode 67.5: Into the Sea with Thomas Taylor”
tick, tick…BOOM! (Musical Adaptation) “Episode 88: tick, tick…Biopic!”
Tiffany Brannan (Singer/Founder) “BONUS! Episode 34.5: PEPS Talk!”
Tim Burke (Writer) “SPECIAL! Episode 2: The (Theme) Music Man”
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Film Adaptation, Series) “Episode 54: Love Always, Lara Jean”
To Kill A Kingdom “Episode 39: To Fool A Kingdom”
Tom Booth (Author/Illustrator/Character Designer) “BONUS! Episode 76.5: with Tom Booth”
Unwind (Series) “Episode 24: Unwind Unwound”
Vampire Academy “Episode 55: Teenagers, Bloody Teenagers”
Waitress (Musical) “Episode 4: Serving Up Waitress
Wendy Loggia “Episode 61.5: In the Loop with Wendy Loggia”
West Side Story “Episode 61: Pretty and Witty and Revived”
Winter Lawrence (Author/Bookseller) “BONUS! Episode 40.5: So Many Books, So Little Time with Winter Lawrence”
Winter of Peril (Dear Canada Series) “Episode 36: ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside!'”
Zac & Mia (Film) “Episode 68: The Fault in Our Odds”